Monday, 27 January 2014

Breaking News! Draft Programme Up.

Hi All,

I'm trying to be a bit more organised this year (LOL) so I've doctored the programme for this year's activities already.   There is a lot yet to be finalised but it's a rough guide for you all to get some dates into your diaries. The old hands will notice that I've cut the static roost count for the Natterer's because something had to go to make way for this year's new undertaking!  We hope to be taking part in the new joint BCT and NRW Rare Woodland Bats Survey, which I think is going to be in June/July. Phase one of the project being detector surveys for Barbastelle Bats.  Later there will be opportunities for more advance survey work such as trapping depending on how phase one progresses.  If you want to take part please add to your diary the training day for this on May 10th, given by Henry Schofield from VWT.

You note too that I've already set a date to do a Walk and Talk for RSPB Ynys Hir which is May 2nd. There will be two other opportunities to help out or even lead a walk in Aug. These will be for Denmark Farm Conservation Centre and Bont Community Woodland.  We're in demand this year it seems so if you want to help or lead let me know, I'll be only too glad to step aside!

Don't forget either, keep your eyes peeled for the booking to open for the Wales Bat Worker's Day, May 24th. That's always a great day - loads of training and networking opportunities.

I've also got a little 'foundling' at the moment so if anyone wants to come and have a close encounter with a cute female pip now's the time.

Think about it, I had to! 

See you all out there hopefully, torches on heads and bat detectors in hand.

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