Monday, 20 January 2014

British bat makes incredible journey and dates for your diaries!

Hi all,

Esther would like to share this link with you.   Its amazing what bats get up to! Shame he got squashed. Could be others are doing it all the time and is't only the dead ones that get found...discuss.

BBC Nature - British Bats...

I'm already working on this year's programme.  I hope to be adding some more interesting things this year to our regular stake outs at roost sites.  I'm hoping I can encourage some of you to get involved with the Rare Woodland Bats Survey which will entail running around it woods somewhere! Can't promise that will be with nice young men but can promise it will be after dark! There will be training given by Henry Schofield from Vincent Wildlife Trust on Saturday 10th May so keep  that date free if you want to join in on this.

Another date to pencil in is 24th May for Wales Bat Workers Day.  This is always a good day for learning more about bats and also for networking with other Bat Groups and other interesting people.  Be there or be square - don't say there's no opportunities to learn things.

Hope to see you all out and about this spring and summer


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