Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Opportunity for training with bat detectors, not to be missed!

Hi All,

Just wanted to make sure you saw this opportunity for some training.   For anyone new  to the group who hasn't used a bat detector before this will be invaluable and I think for us old hands it will be a chance to get our ears in for the rest of the season.  I know we've done it before but nevertheless I think we should support this.  It's run by BCT and is set for May 1st, which is a day before we run our Walk and Talk at the reserve.

For information on the training you'll need to contact BCT  by clicking  here

As ever, if anyone needs financial support contact me directly.

I'll also be needing some little helpers on the 2nd May please - can't do it all on my own - and it will give you a chance to practice you new found skills so you can go out there on our own.

Don't forget either that I'm collecting names for the Rare Woodland Bat Survey Training on the 10th May.   I'll need to know if you're prepared to take part by 17th April.   I have to say here that if you do come to the training there will be an expectation that you help with the survey work set for later in the summer.

See you all soon

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