Monday, 5 August 2013

Rare bat on brink of UK extinction!

Hello all, I've just found this article on the news today which I thought I should share.   Hope you find it of interest. We do tend to assume long eared bats are always 'brown' rather than 'grey' but the difference can now be ascertained by DNA sampling of the poo.  Considering the habitat brown long ears prefer, according to  Dr Razgour, is lowland meadow and marshlands which there seems to be plenty of in Ceredigion, maybe we should be thinking about sending samples away for analysis? This is how the roost in South Wales, mentioned in the article was discovered. I'll investigate....

BBC  News Science article.....Bats on the brink..

I hope to get a social evening organised this month or next too so keep an eye on the blog.

Talking of this blog, Esther and I have been trying to change the reply address from the 'Feedburn' thingy. We think the only way forward, after several abortive attempts to transfer, is to delete the current one and set up a new one with my details.   If we do this we'll unfortunately delete all your addresses and you'll have to re-sign up to receive the posts to your own email address. I'll give you warning!

Hope to see you soon

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