Monday, 11 July 2011

Why do some people love them and others hate them?

Hi All, I just wanted to say what a lovely time we had in the woods on Friday evening. Despite the dodgy weather there where loads of bats out and about - mainly pips to be honest, I must get around to teaching some whiskered or natterer's to come out an play around when we've got a walk on. Thanks so much to everyone for making it such a pleasant evening, I couldn't have wished for a more supportive group. Thank you.

On a sadder note however, Chris has just drawn my attention to this and I certainly agree with her that this does make me sick too!

I'm just glad they were rescued but it does make me wonder how often this type of thing is happening! I have an interesting newspaper article which does highlight some peoples thoughts about how the law is getting so tight that people are being driven to taking extreme measures, not that I agree with that you understand - sorry should not rant on here... If you would like to have a look just ask me.

At last the detail for the field surveys have come through so Chris and Aline will be looking for volunteers. I'm also looking for someone who might like to take on the responsibility for the Ystrad Meurig square. I've got study school for two weeks as of 18th so won't be able to do much organising I'm afraid.

Have loads of batty fun.


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