Friday, 15 July 2011

First NBMP walkabout at Old Goginan site

Last night, Aline, Kevin, and Chris enjoyed a lovely moonlit evening walking around quiet lanes and fields listening out for bats. We didn't find any Noctules or Serotines, but the pips certainly were out in force. The highlight of the evening was seeing several bats flying up and down the lane and picking midges out of the air all around us. They were very noisy, but gave us a good chance to identify social calls and discuss harmonics.
We also came across one bat that sounded like a myotis or brown long eared bat, and was seen in a fairly open and exposed field where it was flying quite low around some thistles - can anybody tell us what it might have been?

We will walk this site again in about 2 weeks time, and we are also looking at some other sites, so there should be more opportunities to take part on one of these surveys!

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