Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Brithdir Outing

Hi All, I've got permission for the group to go to Brithdir, All I need now is a show of hands and to set a date. We're rolling quickly into Easter so I suggest Friday 6th or Friday the 13th of May (Oh, that sounds ominous). May is starting to get really crazy already. If we don't get something settled this week we'll have to call it a day and just do the usual surveys.

Update on Batty the Fat Bat - he'll be away very soon now that he can swoop and weave around my room, he seems to love just playing around and hanging around on the curtains - he seems to be homing his skills! All I hope is that he can catch bugs for himself once he is out all alone in the big wide world. Hmm, yes, I've got attached to him and it will be hard to let him go but it will be soon.

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