Thursday, 31 March 2011

Update on fat Batty the Bat

Hi all,

I think you all know that I've had a small and very fluffy little pip staying with me over the winter. He arrived sick and thin in the middle of December but now, I'm glad to tell you, he is as fat as butter, has a lovely glossy coat and a roll of fat around his neck like a lions mane - he eats up to 25 meal worm a night! In order to get him fit for release I've been giving him flying lessons over the last few evenings. He flits off my hand and does about 100, yes 100 I've counted, circuits of my bedroom. (I have to pick the poop off the wall once he's back in his bed). I must admit the bedroom is small but it's a beginning!

I'm still interested to hear if anyone else wants to go for a 'jolly' to Brithdir later this month or early in May.


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