Friday, 20 August 2010

Survey at Furnace, Monday 23rd

Just a quick note to confirm that the bat group will be doing a survey in Furnace on Monday 23rd. I'll send out an email today to those that have said they can come with details of where to meet and what time, so please check your inbox. This is for bat group members only, I'm afraid, hence the lack of details on this blog.

The weather is very unsettled at the moment so it's possible that I may have to cancel - if I do, I will put a message on the blog on Monday afternoon (you should get it as an email before 6pm, if you've signed up for them), but I will also send a group email before 5pm. If you hear nothing, then it's still on - if in doubt, please give me a call (most of you should have my number by now).

We'll also get confirmation of the second count at Furnace soon, so look out for emails and check the blog.


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