Friday, 20 August 2010

National Bat Monitoring Programme Results Round Up

Hi All, thanks Esther for organising these extra outings - that's great, see you all Monday.

Just thought that you might like to have all the results from this seasons NBMP surveys before I post them off to BCT. Make of them as you will. We were lucky with the weather and just manged to get them all done before it took a turn for the worst so we can't use the that to explain the variation in the count for the pips. I'm just glad that the Natt's seem to be back up in number and the LE are steady.

Pipistrelle Colony Count at Cwm Rheidol.
10-06-2010 = 254
21-06-2010 = 469
05-07-2010 = 290
19-07-2010 = 406

Brown Long-Eared at Comins Coch
11-06-2010 = 24
24-06-2010 = 25

Natterer's Colony Count at Llanrhystud
08-06-2010 = 63
17-06-2010 = 64

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took part and made it so enjoyable. Hope to see you all next year again.


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