Friday, 28 August 2009

Wales Bat Workers Day 10th October 2009

Hi All,

If you're really interested in bats and want to get some excellent training from the county's formost bat workers to get you started this will be of interest to you. It's usually a really good day and gives you a chance to meet other bat workers and someone usually brings along one or two bats to have a look at. It's at Llandrindon Wells - so not too far from here, it's open to everyone what ever your experience but places are limited so don't miss out!

The programme so far - Matt Zeal, Dai Jermyn and Tom McOwat - all experts in their fields are giving presentations. There'll be two workshop sessions covering topics including sound analysis, identification of bat droppings - phew -, latest in equipment and Habs Regs and other interesting legal aspects. A couple of workshops sessions have still to be finalised - possibly bats and trees. If there is a topic of particular interest let Steve Lucas at BCT know and he'll have a go and try to arrange something ( If you want the booking form try this link or email me and I'll send it to you direct. It will be the best £25 you've ever spent and lunch is good too...


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