Friday, 8 May 2009

Bat walk last night, Cwm Rheidol

Just a quick note to thank all the people who came down to Cwm Rheidol last night to go bat hunting - it was a windy, chilly night but well worth the effort!

Armed with bat detectors, we started off at the Visitor's Centre where Net gave us an introductory talk on bats and bat detectors. Then we watched some Soprano pipistrelles emerging from a maternity roost nearby, before taking a walk down the lane and around the reservoir to see what else was flying around. Other bat species heard on the night included Common pipistrelles, Daubenton's, a Noctule (briefly) and a very loud Serotine. There may have been a Natterer's whizzing around under the trees as well, but there were so many pips flying around as well, it was difficult to be sure.

We'll be back at Cwm Rheidol in June (on the 11th and 18th) to count the pipistrelles emerging from one of the largest bat roosts in Wales - this is just one of the roosts we monitor for the National Bat Monitoring Programme run by the Bat Conservation Trust (see our 'useful links' for details). If you'd like to come along and help out with any of our colony counts, please let us know. No previous experience required. We'll post a reminder nearer the time: the full programme of bat group events can be viewed here.

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