Sunday, 26 April 2009

Next event 2nd and 7th May

The group have been asked to have a presences at Cwm Rheidol Power Station Visitor Centre SN699 796 to help out on their Fun Day next Saturday 2nd May. They now have a web cam linked up to the pip roost in the roof space and would like someone there to talk to the visitors. I'll be there between about 11:30 to 3:00 but I would be very glad of some company - let me now if you want to join me.

On the 7th May we'll be doing a walk and short talk for the University Biological Society starting at Cwm Rheidol Power Station Visitor Centre. I'll give a short introduction on bat detectors but it would be good to have as many Bat Group members there as possilbe prepared to give a hand. If you want a lift let me know and meet at Somerfield's car park no later than 8:15, or be at the site by no later than 8:45. SN699 796. See you all there. I'll post by 4:00pm on the day if the weather means we have to cancel.

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