Wednesday, 18 March 2015

This site is now closed.

North Ceredigion Bat Group no longer uses this blogspot.

We have now set up a FaceBook Group Page  primarily so that members can better facilitate coordination of volunteers for upcoming surveys, training and projects .Please join us on Facebook if you would like to come out with us to conserve and monitor important bat colonies within Ceredigion.   It is not a forum group page. It is for those who can attend survey work here in Aberystwyth.  There will be a £5 subscription fee.

The group consists of volunteers centered in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales who are enthusiastic about helping to conserve bats in the wild. We are a small informal group of dedicated people who work on an entirely voluntary basis, but we do welcome any financial support through donations. 

The Group does not take on any commercial work and cannot help in anyway with planning application surveys or enquiries.  We do not get involved with any direct action campaigns.

You can contact us by email

A list of professional surveyors can be obtained from Natural Resources Wales or from Ceredigion Counry Council Planning.  

Any bat welfare issues should be directed to The Bat Conservation Trust Help Line. 

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