Thursday, 12 June 2014

Counts so far this year.

Hi All,

Just to let you know the results of the National Bat Monitoring roost site visits that some of us have done already this year.  

The lovely little Brown Long Eared performed beautifully. All 36, which is a good average number for this roost, came out on time, did a twirl and vanished off to feed.  The hospitality at the roost site was of course superb, the chocolate ginger biscuit and tea went down a treat, thanks Julie and John!

Despite conditions being good last night the Soprano Pips decided to keep their heads down. Strangely only 13 emerged so what has happened to the other 870 odd I really don't know.

Don't forget these counts please. There's more opportunities next week 17th or 18th for the BLE's or the 20th or 23rd for the Pips again - just maybe they'll show. Keep and eye on the programme, all the info is there.     I know they can be boring but it would be a shame to break this good line of data we have on these two roosts.  There are also date again in July to do repeats. In Aug I'll be doing some talks and walks so I'll need some vols to help please.

If the Rare Woodland Bat Project is more to you liking that will get under way in unrest in July.  If you're interested in that we have a closed Facebook group for communications so let me know your Facebook user name and I'll invite you along.


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