Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BioBlitz arrangements for the Bat Group

Hi All,

Hope you're all geared up for the BioBlitz on Saturday and will be ready for a 3:30am start!!!!!!

As you can see there is a huge variety of thing that you can do on Saturday. As far as the batty side of things is concerned, I hope the following plan meets with everyone's approval.

If you are coming along, please bring, pencils/pen, a good time keeping piece, and clip board or similar, a flash light.  I don't need to remind you about good shoes, waterproofs and goodies to eat and drink!  Oh yes, and a bat detector if you have one.  I've got two spares!

If you are planning on parking your car on campus please read the note below.

3:30 am - meet on Penglais Hill by the gates of Plas Penglais.  That's the entrance to the Pocket Park. 
We'll have a wander in the woods and around the buildings and end up at the VC's house where a BLE roost has been reported in the past.  If it's a nice morning we should see them coming back - the bats that is, not the VC from the May Ball!

2:30ish (to be confirmed)  we'll be in the labs in the IBERS building - somewhere - having a look through any recorded data and using software to help identify bats.

8:30 pm - meet outside the Sports Science Building.  We'll split into two groups and walk a transect a couple of times as the evening progresses.   It's not far and it's on good ground.

I've got maps now of the areas in question.

Hope this all sounds reasonable - any comments, keep to yourself! No, if there is anything you can think of please let me know.

Net :)

1.      InterPol Car Park will be used as a fun fair and will be closed from 17:00hrs on Wednesday 8th May until 08:30hrs on Sunday 12th May.
2.      The main spine road through the Campus from the zebra crossing at the north end of the Hugh Owen building, to the junction at the top of Maintenance hill (all along the front of Hugh Owen and Arts Centre) will be closed from 17:00hrs on Friday 10th May until 03:30hrs on Saturday 11th May.

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