Friday, 15 March 2013

SUMMER 2013 - programme of events up!

Hi All,  I've just up-dated our programme for this year 2013!!!!!!!

You can find it also if you scroll down a bit and follow the link on the right hand side.  It might look exactly the same as last year but don't be fooled! I suppose in one respect it is - we're as busy as always!!!!!  I had hoped that we could drop the Natterer's count this year because we've had our fair share of 'nil counts' there but BCT would like us to continue if we can for this year.  All the usual instructions are with the programme. We have to hope that the weather is better this year.  As usual there are two dates for most of the events to try and accommodate the weather - if we don't go the first day, then we'll try again the next!

I do hope to see you all at the first 'shout'.  We're going to be involved with the BioBlitz on the University Campus and it should be a very interesting day for all those interested in natural history of all kinds. We'll have an early, yes early, rather than late, start just to make a change. The intention will be to do some surveying at dawn using recording equipment and then spend some of the day analysing the data. This should be a good training opportunity and we could then get some more practice in with these techniques during the summer.  We'll slot in a couple of field surveys too for those who like to wonder around in the dark rather than just stand and watch hundreds of bats leave their roost sites (am I making this appealing to you?) - but they have to be organised on a rather ad hoc basis I'm afraid.

I'm also going to be leading a 'talk and walk' for RSPB Ynys Hir this year - ver brave of me - so I'd love some back up for that one!!!!! This is going to be during the time that the 'SpringWatch Team' will be in residence!

If you want to join in then, the name of the game is keep contact with me and keep an eye on the programme!

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