Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wind Farms vs Wildlife

Hi all,  Happy New Year!

Chris has spotted this interesting news article in the Spectator which is very much worth a read. Thanks Chris.

I also want to check that you received my last e-mails.  I think I'm having some problems email wise and would love to know from you if you got the message ' A New Year's Message' in which I asked if you would like to get together over a meal this month.  I only had one reply and, as much as I would enjoy a meal with Kevin, I was kind of expecting others to be there too! Perhaps the email failed to get to you all.  Now that the festivities have all calmed down I thought I'd ask for some ideas or preferences from you.  Kerry did suggest the Chinese restaurant in Pier Street, do we have any other bids?  Also, when would be a good time?

Is there anyone who would be interested in going underground in the next few weeks too?

Hope this gets to you all.

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