Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thursday 16th, Natts survey resheduled

Hi everyone, sorry to muck about with everyone plans but I have decided to reschedule the Natterer's survey for Thursday 16th.

There is a couple of reasons. The first natts survey did not go well - no bats present! Reading the survey notes again I see that BCT have slightly changed their instructions - no survey should go ahead if the temperature is less than 7c at sunset. It was only 6c that first night so we should write that one off. In view of this and the bad weather expected Thursday night Aline and Cinzia have offered to go tonight instead. We can count tonight's survey as the first visit and then I'll reschedule another one before the 25th September which is the end of this surveying period.

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone too much but there will be another chance to see the Natts in about 10 days time. I am aware that it will be a busy week next week but I'm sure we can squeeze something in. If anyone has any preference to day let me know but in reality we need to leave it as late as possible - maybe even Friday 24th. If you can't make next week and would really like to see and hear the Natts please pop along tonight by all means. You'll need to be there for start at 21:40.

Thanks for all your help again this year.


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