Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer survey programme

Hi all,

I shouldn't need to remind you that it all starts next week, see the programme by clicking on the link just to the right of this text. The sites and the grid references of all are included. I seems to have make a bo bo with the sun set times - we need to add an hour - I've a feeling I did that last year too - that's what comes of leaving me in charge!

I hope by now everyone has each others contact addresses and that you will make your own arrangements to get to the sites; if there is anyone who can not find a lift, please let me know and I'll do my best to sort things out. However I would like to know who intends to turn up, especially for the Long Eared and the Natterer's sites where we need to keep numbers down and also cars to a minimum for parking.

We'll start on Monday 6th with the Natterer's bats - the weather looks promising. Of course you all spotted that the picture in the last post was one of them! We'll do the Pips on Thursday as planned and the Longeared on the Monday 13th. We need to be on site and waiting at least a half an hour before sun set.

As per usual, if the weather looks grim please check this blog before leaving home.

Just for interest, based on the surveys done for BCT last year the latest species population trends collected are now online in their 2010 Annual Report, available at

Looking forward to seeing you all over the summer and thanks again for all you help and support.


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