Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Batty the 'fat' bat takes to the shy.

Hi All, just to let you know that Batty took his big step into the unknown at Cwm Rheidol. After looking after him since mid December I was a bit reluctant to let him go but felt comfortable where I knew other bats were active. The place was humming with pips all around so I put him on my open hand. For a while he just sat there and I though he would not go but then an owl hooted and he seemed to wake up and started moving his head listening to the world (all very poetic), then off he went! For a time we watch him high in the trees following other feeding bats and then we lost him in the glooming. Ah, what a nice story!

I'll be in touch soon about final arrangements for the 6th.

Have a lovely Easter break what ever you are doing - I hope some of that time will be out there with your bat detectors!


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