Monday, 19 July 2010

Cardigan Castle Wed 21st July arrangements

Hi All, this trip is open only to those who have been out with us this summer, by way of a treat for you. It will be weather dependant so please ring me before you set off to check that it's on - I'll be waiting for your calls - home number as always.

You'll need to be at the entrance to Cardigan Castle no later than 8:30pm where Richard will be waiting for you. He'll give you a short briefing, before setting you all out to monitor different points of the building. It's advisable to bring something to sit on, something warm to drink (that could be tea I suppose or something stronger for those not driving - I'm not suggesting anything or going to be held responsible!). It's takes a good hour to get from Aber to Cardigan if you don't get stuck behind a tractor or caravan and it will be a late finish I should think. If you follow the one way system around the town you come up under the wall of the castle (all supported by a wooden stantions). As you come around the corner to go up the main street of the town ( just after the bridge) you'll see on your left the entrance to the supermarket - the only one in this one horse town. You could park there or just on the main road. The entrance to the castle is opposite you there.

I hope you can arrange amongst yourselves lifts etc, I'm sure you've all exchanged emails and phone numbers by now. I won't be going but should you need a lift that could be arranged if you let me know - by phone or email a.s.a.p

Have loads of fun and learn lots.

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  1. Thanks to all who came along to Cardigan. It was a quiet night,but I think most people heard or saw a greater horseshoe. The dawn survey was even quieter, but it all adds to our knowledge of the site.
    I'm sure there will be more opportunities to visit the site over the next few years.


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