Saturday, 24 July 2010

BCT Sunset / Sunrise survey this weekend and beyond...

A (late) reminder for those of you who aren't in touch with the Bat Conservation Trust website (well worth a visit) or their newsletters (free to members) - this weekend is the nationwide BCT sunrise / sunset survey: see this page on their website for details.

Basically, the survey doesn't require any previous bat experience or any expensive equipment (no bat detectors required!). The downloadable form gives you instructions on how you can carry out your own search for a bat roost and how to identify some of the bats you're likely to see. You can either do a survey at sunset, by trying to track bats back to where they seem to be coming from, or you can get up just before sunrise to see if you can follow them back to their roost. Or even better, you could do both (as long as the surveys aren't separated by more than a week). You could either have a go at doing the survey this weekend (a bit short notice, I know), or in the next 3 weeks (up to the 15th August) and the results will still be counted by BCT.

Make sure you either fill in the results form online, or send a completed form to BCT in the post. If you are going to have a go, have fun but be safe - take a friend with you or let someone know where you're going and when you'll be back.

Happy batting!

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