Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Natt's count results!

Hi all, Chris, Fran and I ran the gauntlet of the clouds of midges last night and counted out 63 of our lovely little Natt's - like the old days! They started to emerge at 10:25 and it was over by 11:00 - well we couldn't see and we were bitten to death and had to escape - take that as a warning all! If you want to come along next time keep next Thursday evening free (17th June).
This maternity colony is quite a small one as there are reports of up to 200 individuals in some roosts.

Natterer's bats are a medium sized bat of the 'myotis' species. Their forearms (between thumb and elbow) measure between 36.0 - 43.0 mm and they have a white tummy, sandy grey upper fur and look really cute with their little pink faces and somewhat pinkist arms - I know, it's hard to tell all this when it's dark! The diagnostic feature - if you're lucky enough to have one of these in your hand - (licenced bods only please), is hairs along the 'calcar' and no 'calcarial lobe'.

For those using bat detectors their peak frequency is 48.9kHz and the pulse repetition rate is very high and is the most irregular of the three Myotis species.

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