Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hope you're ready for the next two weeks surveys!

Hi All, Are you all ready and free for the next two weeks - (June 7th onwards) I do hope so. Heads up then and please refer to the programme - find it on the quick links to the right of this message. I've made a mistake with the sunset times by one hour - forgot to take into account summer time, so add one hour to that please in each case. The weather looks set fair so we should be able to do all the sites as planned. Where there are two dates given we'll use the first. I've informed the house owners that we are due so they should be expecting us.

Chris, Esther and I checked out the Natterer's roast and they are there, about 60 of them! We think the weather must have been to cold last year for them to come out but we have high hopes for this year.

Please let me know if you're coming along and I can organise pick up and car sharing where necessary. or phone 01970 832148 (I'll problably get loads of strange calls and junk mail now).

We need help at Cwm Rhiedol so if there is any 'first timers' we'd love to see you for that. Thursday 10th and Monday 21st.

Happy batting

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